Difference Between Wood Types


  • It is deep brown in colour with an attractive natural grain, giving a warm, rich touch to any home.
  • Seamless piece wood,  have an irregular wood pattern,
  • The heartwood color ranges from light to dark brown and can be clearly differentiated from the yellowish-white sapwood. 
  • Thickness ranges from 6cm to 8cm


  • A light-brown color that fades to chocolate brown color with age.
  • Usually multiple pieces will be joint into one with a thickness range of 2cm - 3cm
  • The heartwood is dark gold-yellow in color, turning dark brown with exposure to light; the sapwood is pale yellowish
  • Teak has a straight grain, though it can also be wavy. Its texture is coarse and uneven and it has a medium or less natural sheen.

Ash Wood

  • Quite light and tends to be various shades of beige
  • Fibers of ash wood create a very beautiful motif and suitable to be used as minimalist style furniture with natural touch.
  • Ash wood usually multiple pieces will be joint into one


  • Mahogany is a pinkish or reddish-brown type of wood
  • If the grain is fine and long, it might be mahogany, even if it might have a slight wave to it.
  • Mahogany comes in both joint and seamless slabs