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BULL Solid Wood Dining Chair
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With its unique design of bullhorns, this chair spreads out its armrests in overwhelming comfort. 

The purpose of this chair is to provide an exceptional sense of well-being.

Your arms and back are supported by two pieces of solid wood dovetail joint in the middle rosewood tenons.

A work of art that will challenge any craftsman, with the sole purpose of providing a sublime sitting experience.




Wood Type

Solid Ash Wood


Clear coating . Non toxic . It will be virtually no exposure to VOC with environment and not harmful to human

Why using white teak ? 

Incredible durability . CLICK HERE


  • Water resistance
  • Natural Teak Wood Oil will avoid risk of wood bugs.
  • No veneer / No plywood / No MDF / No engineered wood
  • Requires Self Assembly / Assemble by our delivery team