Fengshui about Bedroom


Bedrooms can influence your health, wealth and happiness and the quality of life and the richness of your relationships with your friends and family, your loved ones, your co- workers etc. A good night's sleep is going to help you tackle whatever life has to throw at you and everyday life. Did you know that the feng shui of your bedroom can directly influence every other aspect of your life ? It brings positivity, happiness and good vibes to everything you do. A bad night can cause you to be in a bad mood the next day.


The orientation of your room, how clean it is and the colour you use can affect your bedroom.

The worst bed position

Bed position is the most important role in the bedroom. We need the bed to face against the wall because this is the feng shui’s functional requirements ‘ against Yin’ and ‘ facing yang’. This is a formation of stability and from this situation,we can have a peaceful sleep and have a good rest after a long day of work.

Look at this room.

1st pic - if you place in this direction, there’s a door clash and this is not good.

2nd pic - if you place the bed against nothing behind it, this means that you are sleeping against the emptiness.

3rd pic - if you place it against the toilet, it’s not good either.

4th pic - if you place against this direction and this is called ‘against the dork’ which also doesn’t comply in fengshui.


So how ?

You will need to do some minor renovation which is to cover up the centre part to close the window and open the window at the site to let the sunlight shine into your bedroom and this fulfills  the feng shui requirement.

Bedside table and lamp

The second most important thing in your bedroom is your side table and where you place your lamp. It is good to place it on the left and right side of your bed.

Why ?

The left side represents ‘Green dragon’ while the other side represents ‘White tiger’. The Green dragon represents the male owner while the White dragon represents the Female owner and We need it to be the same height to have balance.

Table lamp

It is good to place the lamp beside your bed to brighten up your future.


We don’t suggest putting these kinds of hanging lamps from the ceiling. ❌

Hanging objects create gravity to us and you will be insecure in this sleeping environment.

This is the correct way. ✅

How to select a suitable bed frame ?

One of the criteria is to select a wooden bed frame. Wood elements in feng shui show vitality, growth, and kindness. Wood energy is also related to flexibility and human-heartedness. Also,select a bed frame with a bed head.

If there is no head this means that there’s no support.

We require a bed head that has a solid to support us.

We don’t recommend putting painting on top of your bed because this creates a pressure on us when we are sleeping. We need two side tables beside our bed and this represents the green tiger and white dragon in fengshui.


Mirror in our bedroom

There’s a very common question that a lot of people have been asking ‘ can a mirror face towards our bed bad in feng shui ?’ The answer is yes.

This means if the mirror reflects directly to the bed, this promotes a lot of illness to people who are sleeping in this bedroom.



In feng shui we say ‘a mirror will disperse our soul’. When you hear about this word ‘soul’ you will think that this feng shui is very superstitious. Is that the soul for the person? This is wrong. This will affect our subconscious mind and we call this a ‘soul’. Imagine you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you see a mirror reflected on you and you will be shocked. And the next day you will feel tired and you won’t concentrate on what you are doing. Avoid putting a mirror directly to your bed and you can avoid all these problems.