Fengshui about Shoe Cabinet


There is a chance that you might want to buy a shoe cabinet to store the abundance of shoes you have but a question comes to mind, and that question is where should I place my shoe cabinet. Well the short answer is your main door. But wait! It isn't as simple as placing near your door as there are small details you need to consider when placing your shoe cabinet near your door as it can effect the "Feng Shui". With this guide we will help you achieve good "Feng Shui" while optimizing convenience.

Chi Mouth energy from Main Door

As many of you may already know, there is an energy known as "Chi Mouth" that comes from the main door in to your house. This energy is a positive energy and is something you want. But since the "Chi Mouth" is a the main door, placing a shoe cabinet there might hinder any positive energy from entering the house. Why?, you may ask. Well the reason is that since there is a shoe cabinet near the main door, it also means there are most likely shoes stored in that cabinet. Shoes are usually dirty and has a lot of negative "Chi" that emits from it. So how do we stop it?

Removing Negative Chi

Obviously you still want to have the convenience of having your shoe cabinet close to your main door as it is way more convenient than having it place somewhere else in your house. But with the negative "Chi", you may wonder how do we have convenience while still maintaining good "Chi" and "Feng Shui". Well there is a simple solution and that solution is to place a bowl of salt into the shoe cabinet. It is known in many cultures that salt has the power to absorb negative "Chi" thus having salt in your shoe cabinet will absorb all that negative "Chi" from the shoes. Just be sure to change the bowl of salt every half a year to one year and this will greatly reduce the impact of negative "Chi".

Tall Shoe Cabinets

For some bigger landed properties, you may want to have a bigger full height shoe cabinet. While the shoe cabinet itself has no issues, it is how you arrange the shoes in the shoe cabinet that may cause problems. The thing is that you don't want to arrange the shoes too high in the shoe cabinet to the point where it is above your head as this is not auspicious as it is like the shoes are stepping above your head. It is better to have your shoes placed near the bottom of the cabinet while placing other things above.