Guide for the perfect round table size

Ever wonder what size you are looking for when buying a round table. It is important to get the right size as getting the wrong size can bring about many problems. Well no worries, this article will surely take you down the right path when it comes to picking the right dimensions for your next round dining table, and making sure it doesn't arrise any complications and actually allowing you to enjoy our great dining tables.

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FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

1. How much space should be between a table and a wall?

- Clearances of at least 36” | 91.4 cm should be provided from the table edge to a wall or other objects near the table. A clearance of 48” | 122 cm is recommended for maximum flexibility and movement.

2. How much space should be allowed between a dining chair and table?

- A depth of 18” | 46 cm for the movement and use of dining chairs should be provided around dining tables.

3. Are round tables more space efficient than square tables?

- Round tables are more space efficient than square or rectangular tables because their lack of corners results in a smaller footprint.