JCBespoke Andrea Smart Study Desk

Facing messy wires on your study desk? Study desk design is so old school? With this work from home era, those problem can leads to inefficient works. Worry not, we have the perfect solution for you. Read till the end for a special price ! 

Messy workplace


This is our Andrea Smart Study Desk. Customize with your own touch. 1 plug point? 2 plug point? No plug point? You decide ! 

Option for attached power plug


Messy stationary can kills mood. But lucky you, Andrea Smart Study Desk comes with compartments for these small items. 

Andrea Smart Study Desk - Mini Storage Box



Need better lighting? Install your own LED light ! It also works as night light.


Option for attached LED light.


Andrea Smart Study Desk LED Light with lights on and off.


Andrea Smart Study desks not only help realize those powerful benefits—they do so while providing ultimate value with sharp looks and robust durability. These desks easily fit in most budgets whether you need just one or intend to stock the whole school. Dimension are as follows :-


Andrea Smart Study Desk Measurement



The smooth matte PU Leather gives a touch of exclusiveness. Comes with mustard yellow and black, both have its own uniquesness which can represent your own identity. Overall this study desk is made with 100% solid teak wood. The natural and unique grains also makes this study desk your perfect companion. Not only when trying to catch deadline, but also when you are doing light reading.


Andrea Smart Study Desk Specification

Andrea Smart Study Desk - Black Edition

Andrea Smart Study Desk - Black Edition

Andrea Smart Study Desk - Leather Texture



This study desk is design to fit any type of house. Modern? It fits perfectly! Traditional? This is the one! Minimalist? You got it ! Please refer to some of images below for better illustration.

Andrea Smart Study Desk - Modern Interior Design


Above all, we are using SOLID TEAK WOOD and finished by water based NON-TOXIC coating. Teak Wood is proven to last up to 50 years. We don;t use any refurbished wood for this item. Water based non-toxis coating is super safe for kids ad it is environmental friendly. 

Interested or have any question? Feel free to contact us by clicking here. Our team is more than happy to assist !