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[ PRE-ORDER ] Teak Dining Table with Fluted Wooden Leg SET
Price RM5,800.00 RM6,600.00
Product SKU TT17-6
Size (L x W x H) 200 cm x 90 cm x 75 cm
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Solid Teak Wood come with a light-brown color that fades to chocolate brown color with age.The heartwood is dark gold-yellow in color, turning dark brown with exposure to light; the sapwood is pale yellowish.Teak has a straight grain, though it can also be wavy. Its texture is coarse and uneven and it has a medium or less natural sheen. Usually multiple pieces will be joint into one with a thickness of 3cm by using Finger Joint.  CLICK HERE

Product details

  • Water based coating ( non-toxic) / Semi Gloss coating available
  • Natural Curves / Straight Cut available
  • Rounded edges
  • Black Powdered Coated Steel Leg
  • Easy to care
  • Installation Required
  • Wood grains and characteristic is vary from every tree


Clear coating . Non toxic . It will be virtually no exposure to VOC with environment and not harmful to human

Why using teak wood ? 

Incredible durability . CLICK HERE


  • Water resistance
  • Natural Teak Wood Oil will avoid risk of wood bugs.
  • No veneer / No plywood / No MDF / No engineered wood
  • Requires Self Assembly / Assemble by our delivery team