Sofa Fabric Do Matter



Why choose our sofa over others? Well the only thing connecting us to the sofa is the fabric on the sofa and we defnitely don't skimp out when it comes to the quality of fabrics we use.


Let me start off with the fact it has an "Abrasion Resistance" of over 75,000 cycles. What is abrassion resitance you may ask. Well it is basically the ability to resist surface wear and tear caused by rubbing contact. There are many sofas out there that may look pristine and nice looking but if the abrassion resistance is low it may get rubbed out and make your sofa look more worn that it actually is.

Besides that, the tear strength that our fabric provides is definitely not your ordinary run of the mill fabric, it can withstand even the toughest attempt at trying to tear it and it will stil be fine. That is if you don't start using a knife and try stabbing it. 

UV Resistance

Other than that, we have a very good indoor uv resistance value, as you may know UV light damages many things, for example collagen in your skin, yellowish oxidisation of your shoes and even discolouring and fading of your garments. Well sofa fabrics are no exception, if the sofa fabric does not have a good uv resistance, it could potentitally damage the bonds between the fabric thus making it easier to be damaged or torn.


Fabric Contents 

Our fabric also passes the environmetally friendly portion too with flying colors. There is a lot to go through but let me list a few down.

- Chromium Content (VI) : Free
- Lead Content : Pass
- Phenol Content : Free
- DMF : Free

Obviously there is much more but this is just to give a broad idea of the contents of our fabrics.